Mystara - ...and the Mystery!
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MYSTARA's CD Release event took place at the National Arts Centre's Fourth Stage, on Friday, October 2nd, 2015, in Ottawa, CANADA, and was a great success, featuring a live, full-band performance of Mystara's original songs with some of Ottawa’s premier musicians including Greg Kenny, Greg Szepietowski, Stephen Thomas, Ed Lister, Zeek Gross, Horace Hogan, Everard de Souza, David Johnston, Rob Toth, Gary Epton, Andre Ferraton, and the lovely Lisanne McLaughlan. 

MYSTARA's debut album entitled “Devil’s Paintbrush”, is now available in hard copy format from Indie Pooland, and digital downloads are available through Band Camp, and iTunes.

Mystara has a unique style going on… a special blend of Roots Rock, with elements of Jazz, Soul, and R&B… as well as something exotic, mysterious, and exciting!  The music is sure to put a spell on you!

With another album set to be released in October 2016, Mystara will be revealing another dimension to her style, this time with a "Hefty" dose of Rock & Roll!  

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