Mystara - ...and the Mystery!
About Mystara

Founded in 2013, MYSTARA is a Canadian band based in the National Capital Region, blending elements of Vintage Rock, Swamp, Roots and R&B, sprinkled with hints of the Far East.  

Delivering gripping, high-energy performances, MYSTARA offers an exciting mix of original material & powerful covers!

MYSTARA's "SOUL FIRE"  CD Release event took place at Moose McGuire's on Saturday, October 22nd, 2016, in Ottawa, CANADA, the band's second release in just over a year. 

The event was a great success, featuring a live, full-band performance of Mystara's original songs with some of Ottawa’s premier musicians including Tara Heft, Greg Kenny, Everard de Souza, David Johnston, and Paul Piccolo. 

The band's debut album entitled Devil's Paintbrush, was released in October 2015 and is available in hard copy CD format from Indie Pool and Band Camp
Both albums are available for digital download on iTunes and Band Camp.

MYSTARA has a unique style… a special blend of Swamp, Rock, and Rhythm & Blues sprinkled with a little Gypsy Soul.  This music will surely put a spell on you!

The band delivered a high-energy show on New Year's Eve, ringing in 2017 surrounded by many of their devoted friends and fans at a special event held on December 31st. 

2017 has already been a busy and exciting year for MYSTARA, having made their way up to the TOP TWO FINALISTS this past Spring in the Ottawa Rock & Roots Society's ROCK THIS JOINT BATTLE OF THE BANDS 2017

MYSTARA has also been working hard as a founding member of MAIDEN CANADA, a coalition that strives to promote Canadian women creating original music through special live music showcase events, most recently the Ballroom Blitz Retro Prom Night Extravaganza held at The Brass Monkey!

The band's lead singer and songwriter, Tara Heft, celebrated her birthday with an exciting event on Saturday, June 10th: MYSTARA - LIVE @ the RAINBOW BISTRO!  

The band put on a dynamite show which also featured a tasty selection of Special Guest appearances from Ottawa's Rock & Roll Royalty! 

Shortly after Canada Day, MYSTARA played an wonderful noon-hour show at the World Exchange Plaza as part of their Summer Concert Series.

Please visit the Upcoming Shows page to see where MYSTARA will be appearing next!

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Tara "Mystara" Heft, began her musical journey at a very young age.  Like many other singers, she discovered her love of music by being  hauled off to church every Sunday morning by her mother.  To make church-going seem more exciting, the young Tara decided to join the Children's Choir at Saint Joseph's Parish in downtown Ottawa, where she acquired valuable singing experience, and learned all about harmony, vocal phasing, projection and the importance of dynamics.   She soon took up piano and began studying music theory following the curriculum set out by the Royal Conservatory of Music.  

Reaching her teenage years, Mystara decided to pursue her signing more seriously, and took up formal vocal training at age fourteen with classical voice instructor Donna Klimoska in order to prepare for admittance into the music program at Bishop's University, where she graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts degree: Double-Major in Music & Fine Arts.  In 2002, she has also completed a Bachelor or Education from Queen's University, and was also awarded an "ACE" certificate for having completed the Artist in Community Education program.  Mystara now has over 15 years of experience teaching music and the creative arts with the Ottawa Catholic School Board, and at the Ottawa Folklore Centre.

Although classically trained, Mystara’s original music embraces the flavours of many different genres and cultures. A blend of Roots, Soul, and Rock n’ Roll meet strong influences of R&B with flavours of the Middle East and Jazz elements creating an eclectic mixture of sound and style.  This special sonic brew offers a colorful cocktail for her listeners to enjoy.   Mystara's lyrics are inspired by the people she knows, the places she’s been, as well as the the ups & downs of an artist’s life. 

Mystara has been a singer in several successful Ottawa-based bands and musical acts, including The Funktion, The Soul Review Board, The Foxy Morons, Acoustic Highway, The Stephen Thomas Band, and most recently: Carnival Hangover! 

Excited now to have completed her original music project, Mystara’s debut album entitled Devil's Paintbrush was released on Friday, October 2nd, 2015 with a live, full-band performance at the National Arts Centre's Fourth Stage in Ottawa, CANADA!

A year later, in October 2016, Mystara released a second recording: a Rock inspired EP entitled SOUL FIRE, featuring four solid rock tracks! 

Climb aboard the wings of music and let Mystara take you on a fascinating journey!